Exhibition: Krikor Djololian Entrance

Arax was devoted to bodybuilding and for forty years - spanning from the mid-thirties until the mid-seventies - his pictures were amongst the most popular in physical culture magazines. Arax would travel to most major competitions in Europe and always produced good on-the-spot pictures although the conditions were far from ideal for photography.

It was in his studio in the Boulevard Raspail, however, that he came into his own with the subtle lighting which emphasized the muscularity of his subjects, rather than the art of the photographer. He shunned over dramatic studies, fancy backgrounds, intriguing props, or complicated compositions - the physique alone was what mattered to Gregor and he was extremely careful with every picture he took.

A Tribute to Gregor Arax
Physique in Focus, ca. 1977 Exhibit curated by Joseph E. Malikian