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Davis Collection

F-14 man posing on rock
F-10 Davis climbing
F-9 u-shape view of mountain
F-8 guides with packs
F-7 Davis with guides
F-6 sleeping rough
F-3 smoking group mountains
F-5 peaks rocky view
101-8 street with miniret
101-6 group photo w Davis
101-5 woman folded arms
101-4 man with drink cans
101-3 man with bundle
101-1 children with wheel
101-2 group photo
103-56 ferry river tiller
103-53 ferry boat POV
103-50 women jug river
103-49 town on river
103-48 caravan boxes
103-47 road mountain
103-44 carriages on the road
103-43 woman with hat and bare feet
103-14 mosque on river
103-13 Davis and cavass carriage
103-42 Woman with bowl